Younglove Genealogy 
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Truman Giles Younglove
Listed in Cohoes City Directory in 1877
T.G. Younglove Jr. Edward & Younglove office at Cohoes Strawboard Co. NY.
Lived in IL. Listed on IL.1900 census age 42.
Listed on IL.1910 census age 51.

Name: T. G. Younglove
Birth Place: New York
Source: New York Times
Date: 1883 April 08.

Ugly Rumors Verified. Truman Younglove, Jr.
Accused of Forging His Father-in-law's Name.

Albany, April 7. Last week Truman Younglove, Jr., Secretary and Treasure of the Cohoes Straw Board Company, of Cohoes, disappeared, and his continued absence gave rise to ugly rumors, some of which have proved true.

An investigation of his accounts showed that he had forged the endorsement of his father-in-law, Nicholas Clute, to a note for $15,000. and had negotiated other forged paper to the amount of about $9,000.

The affairs of the company were almost entirely under his control, and it is thought he also appropriated all the ready funds he could obtain for his use.

It is reported that the books have not been fully written up since Jan. 1 so that an examination will not reveal the extent of his embezzlement.

Younglove who is about 24 years old is connected with some of the leading families of Cohoes, and has always been highly respected. His wife is the daughter of Nicholas Clute, a director of the Manufactures Bank of Cohoes and a man worth about $15.000.

Younglove was not dissipated or extravagant, and was not suspected of having bad habits. It is rumored, however, that he speculated in stocks and that loses of over $80.000 led to his ruin.

His friends and relatives are attempting to settle the matter and have agreed to make good the losses to the bank.

The forged paper is held by the Saratoga County Bank, of Waterford, and the National Bank of Cohoes.
Wish I had some more information on this. Does any one have a picture of Truman?