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Henry Younglove

A Terrible Death

Source: Monroe Democrat Monroe, Michigan 5 May 1887.
The people of Monroe were startled last Friday morning to learn that Henry Younglove, a resident of the county until a few months ago, had died in Detroit Michigan Thursday night of hydrophobia, after several hours of indescribable pain and suffering.

It appears that little more than a year ago, while living on his farm in Raisinville Township MI he was bitten upon the hand and upon the arm about half way between the wrist and the elbow by a pet Rat Terrier. He experienced no particular discomfort from the bites until last October, when the arm became considerably inflamed to the shoulder. It was pronounced a case of ersupelis but for several weeks he was very much depressed with brooding over the matter and frequently expressed a fear of dying with rabies.

His mind then felt easier on the subject until two months ago when again he became considerably depressed and soon after the dog bit him again upon the same hand between the thumb and forefinger but one tooth barely breaking the skin. The dog was not of a vicious nature and the biting was done in play.

He never showed symptoms of the terrible disease. The symptoms did not show until about 9 o'clock Wednesday evening when he was seized with a strong aversion for water. He grew alarmingly worse during the night, had some convulsions and early in the morning a doctor was called. After ascertaining the condition, he called in other medical assistance. The man had spasms during the day, each being more severe than its predecessor. Between them he would act rational and apologized for his actions when the convulsions were upon him.

Toward night another of the marked symptoms, an extreme thirst manifested itself and about 10 o'clock he was seized with the last most frightful convulsion, when he felt it coming on he was sitting in a chair and remarked to his son Sidney "I cannot stand this" and uttered a piercing shriek.

A moment later he let another frightful scream and it took four people to keep him under control. He was placed on the floor face downwards and for 32 minutes the struggle with him was terrific. He would request to be let up, saying he would not hurt anyone, and when his request was not complied with he would threaten to kill his attendants. At the end of the time mentioned he became quiet and was turned upon his back, when he gasped twice and his agony was at an end.

The doctors ascribe no significance to the second bite, but believe the whole trouble to have been from the first bite, over a year ago. The body after death underwent the changes peculiar to the disease and the brain was somewhat congested. The rear portion of it and the upper part of the spinal column were removed and will be subjected to examination to ascertain for a certainty if rabies was the cause of death. The doctors are satisfied that such is the case and the examination is being made in the interest of science. The remains were brought to Monroe MI Saturday and the funeral service held at the M. E. Church on Sunday afternoon were largely attended.
Date of Death 4-28-1887
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Other Notes on Henry Younglove:
Henry fought in the war and was wounded in the Battle of Richmond in 1864. Henry died at the age of 60.
Reference: Monroe Paper 1887.
The picture of Henry as a young man above, courtesy of his granddaughter Flora Mae Wolf.