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Samuel Younglove

Husband: Samuel Younglove died at age: 67
Born: 1786 in Greenwood, Steuben, Co., New York
Occupation: Farmer
Died: 1853 Erie Co. Ohio
Buried: Oxford Cemetery, Ohio
Census: 1830 in Livingston CO., Conesius NY


Wife of Samuel Younglove:

Elizabeth Betsey Raynor
Born: 1796 New York
Father: Josiah Raynor
Mother: Rebecca Robinson

Children of Samuel Younglove and Elizabeth Betsey Raynor :

M Child 1: William Nelson Younglove died at age: 44
aka Nelson Younglove
Born: 1811 Greenwood, Steuben, Co., New York
Occupation: Farmer
Died: 1855 Springfield, Allen Co., Indiana
Spouse: Mary Polly Luce b. 1814
Married: abt. 1836 Allegany Co., Wellsville, New York


M Child 2: James Harrison Younglove died at age: 47
Born: 22 May 1814 (Computed date) NY
Died: 22 Nov 1861 Springfield, Allen County Indiana
Buried: White City Cemetery, Spencerville, DeKalb County, Indiana
Spouse: Mary Jane Hoyt b. 1829


F Child 3: Lovina Younglove died at age: 6
Born: 16 Aug 1814 Computed birth NY
Died: 10 Sept 1877 Isabelle Co., Michigan
Spouse: Thomas Baxter


F Child 4: Elizabeth (Betsey) Ann Younglove
Born: Dec 1825 Suffolk Co. Long Island New York
Died: 18 Jan 1912 Fort Wayne, IN


F Child 5: Julia A. Younglove Not a Proven Child.
Born: 1832 Greenwood Steuben Co., New York
Spouse: Henry Harrison Hart
Married: 10 May 1869 Defiance Co., Ohio


F Child 6: Huldah Younglove
Born: 28 Sep 1827 West Almond, New York
Died: unknown Berrien Co.,Union Pier Michigan
Spouse: Avery Lanphear b. 30 Dec 1815 d. 5 Oct 1866
Married: unknown
Spouse: Andrew J. Millard b. 21 Jun 1838
Married: 1863 Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY


F Child 7: Sophia E. Younglove died at age: 62
Born: Abt 1822 Greenwood, Steuben Co., NY
Died: bf. 1884 in Michigan
Spouse: Jonathan Erskine
Married: Unknown
Spouse: Maxom Brand
Married: unknown


F Child 8: Rebecca Younglove
Born: abt 1826 Sulfolk Co., Long Island New York
Died: unknown

Following information from: Janilyn Gager 12 April 2012

Samuel Younglove was born at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains along the Hudson River near Albany, New York mid 1780. According to family papers written by a grandson of Samuel's, Dr Lanphear in 1910, Samuel and sister Lavina were orphaned at an early age and raised by an aunt.

In the probate records for Samuel Younglove b 1727 Suffield, Hartford, CT and baptized 5 Nov 1727 Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA, his widow Hannah/Anna/Ann was mentioned as well as two children, Samuel and Vina or Nina (shortened names for Lavina).

Samuel Younglove and Hannah/Anna/Ann Church were married 28 Feb 1751 in Sheffield, Berkshire, MA. Samuel and Hannah (born 9 Dec 1719) appear to have been unable to have children of their own. The children attributed to them are Huldah, an adopted child baptized 23 Aug 1773 in Egremont, MA; Sammie, baptized 2 Aug 1776 in St James Episcopal Church and appears to have died young; Anna, baptized 7 Feb 1781 in Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA; Samuel, baptized 19 Jun 1782 in St James Episcopal Church; and a mention of a Nina with no date of baptism.

In searching Samuel's lineage, Younglove genealogies and census records show Samuel, who married Elizabeth "Betsey" Raynor around 1810, to be the only Samuel born in the 1780's who was alive and of age to be reported in census from 1820 onwards. In the 1820 census, he was in Locke, Cayuga, New York living next to his wife Betsey's brother David Raynor. In 1830 he was in Conesus, Livingston, New York; Greenwood, Steuben, New York in 1840; and West Union, Steuben in 1850, his last census. These movements match Dr Lanphear's papers that report Samuel crossing the ice from Ontario, Canada 1812 with wife and one child, and wandering down the Genesee Valley to Steuben County, New York.

Further, Dr Lanphear reports that Samuel said he had one cousin in Andover, New York. While the male cousin was not named, Timothy b 1775 MA and d 1830 NY, son of Titus b 10 Mar 1738 Sheffield, Berkshire, MA was living in Andover from the earliest 1800's and his sons after him. Titus was a brother of Samuel b 1727, the subject of the probate record referred to above.

The probate record along with the written family history by Dr Lanphear in my opinion make orphaned Samuel a strong candidate for the Samuel listed in the above probate record notation.

If anyone has information that may assist in the identification of Samuel and Lavina's biological parents, I would be interested in hearing from you.

Information on Samuel Younglove:

If you know who his parents are or any other information on this family Please contact me.

  1. Samuel1 Younglove, b. 1786 in Greenwood, Steuben, Co., New York, d. 1853 in Erie Co. Ohio.

    He married Elizabeth Betsey Raynor, (daughter of Josiah Raynor and Rebecca Robinson) b. 1796 in New York.

    + 2 i. William Nelson2 Younglove b. 1811.
    + 3 ii. James Harrison Younglove b. 22 May 1814.
    + 4 iii. Lovina Younglove b. 16 Aug 1814.
    5 iv. Elizabeth (Betsey) Ann Younglove, b. Dec 1825 in Suffolk Co. Long Island New York, d. 18 Jan 1912 in Fort Wayne, IN.
    + 6 v. Julia A. Younglove b. 1832.
    + 7 vi. Huldah Younglove b. 28 Sep 1827.
    + 8 vii. Sophia E. Younglove b. Abt 1822.
    9 viii. Rebecca Younglove, b. abt 1826 in Sulfolk Co., Long Island New York.

  2. William Nelson2 Younglove, (Samuel1) b. 1811 in Greenwood, Steuben, Co., New York, d. 1855 in Springfield, Allen Co., Indiana.

    He married Mary Polly Luce, married abt. 1836 in Allegany Co., Wellsville, New York, b. 1814.

    10 i. Alvers3 Younglove, b. 1834 in Steuben Co., New York.

    She married Peter Bondy, married 28 Nov 1854 in Allen Co., Indiana.

    11 ii. William Alfred Younglove, b. 29 May 1840 in Greenwood, Steuben, Co., New York, d. 1 Mar 1914 in Bad Axe, Huron Co., Michigan.

    He married Sarah A. Lloyd, married 8 Oct 1865, b. 21 Feb . 1846 in Wellsville, Scio Twp. NY, d. 13 Jan 1923 in Bad Axe, Huron Co., Michigan.

    12 iii. Sylvenus Younglove, b. 1850 in New York.
    13 iv. Jefferson Younglove, b. 1852 in New York.
    14 v. Albert Younglove, b. 1855 in Indiana.
    15 vi. Hulda Younglove.

  3. James Harrison2 Younglove, (Samuel1) b. 22 May 1814 in (Computed date) NY, d. 22 Nov 1861 in Springfield, Allen County Indiana.

    He married Mary Jane Hoyt, b. 1829 in New York, b. 2 May 1827 in Near Greenwood Co., New York, d. in Hicksville, Ohio.

    16 i. Maryetta3 Younglove, b. 1846 in Ohio, d. 1921.

    She married Christopher S. Rohrbacher, b. 1845 in Ohio.

    17 ii. Marcus LaFayette Younglove, b. 1849 in Ohio.

    He married Julia Newton, married 8 Jan 1870, b. DEC 1851 in Indiana.

    18 iii. William Younglove, b. 1850 in Indiana New York?

    He married Olive Younglove, b. abt.1855 in Indiana, Ohio.

    19 iv. Lydia Jane Younglove, b. 24 Apr 1858 in Indiana, d. Sep 1980.

    She married Theodore Baker, married 16 Sep 1876 in Defiance, Ohio.

    20 v. Nelson Franklyn Younglove, b. 7 Feb 1860 in Spencerville, Allen Co., Indiana, d. 13 Sep 1942 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.

    He married Sarah Jane Munson, married 7 Feb 1883 in Hicksville, Defiance Co., Ohio, b. 6 Oct 1858 in Antwerp, Paulding Co., Carryall Twp. Ohio, d. 25 Mar 1920 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.

    21 vi. Julia Younglove, b. abt 1849.

    She married Elias Brown, married 1 Jan 1883 in Allen Co., Indiana.

  4. Lovina2 Younglove, (Samuel1) b. 16 Aug 1814 in Computed birth NY, d. 10 Sept 1877 in Isabelle Co., Michigan.

    She married Thomas Baxter.

    22 i. Lydia A.3 Baxter, b. 1 May 1836 in Long Island, New York.

    She married John Reuben Bodey, married 2 Dec 1855 in Allen Co., Indiana, b. 26 Apr 1831 in Putnam Co., Ohio.

    23 ii. George Baxter.

  5. Julia A.2 Younglove, (Samuel1) b. 1832 in Greenwood Stuben Co., New York.

    She married Henry Harrison Hart, married 10 May 1869 in Defiance Co., Ohio, b. in Ohio.

    24 i. Charles Adrain3 Hart, b. 22 Feb 1872 in Hicksville, Ohio, d. 3 Aug 1925 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.

    He married Kora Stults.

  6. Huldah2 Younglove, (Samuel1) b. 28 Sep 1827 in West Almond, New York, d. in Berrien Co.,Union Pier Michigan.

    She married (1) Avery Lanphear, d. 5 Oct 1866 in Hopewell Twp., Ontario Co., New York, b. 30 Dec 1815.

    25 i. Emory3 Lanphear.

    He married Mary Maxon, married 26 Aug 1885, b. 4 Apr 1865 in Lima.

    She married (2) Andrew J. Millard, married 1863 in Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY, (son of William Millard and Polly Ripenbark) b. 21 Jun 1838 in Allegany Co., New York.

    26 ii. Emma Millard, b. abt. 1863.
    27 iii. Ada Millard, b. 1865 in Michigan.
    28 iv. Louis Millard, b. 1870 in Michigan.
    29 v. Warren Andrew Millard, b. 1876.

  7. Sophia E.2 Younglove, (Samuel1) b. Abt 1822 in Greenwood, Stuben Co., NY, d. bf. 1884 in Michigan.

    She married (1) Jonathan Erskine.

    30 i. Aaron Slyvester3 Erskine, b. 1849/50, d. 29 Apr 1922.
    31 ii. Jonathan Erskine.
    He married Katherine Hatfield, married 1871.

    She married (2) Maxom Brand.

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