Younglove Genealogy 
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My Younglove Line

Descendants of Samuel Younglove


Samuel Younglove b. 1605 d. 24 Oct 1689 m. 1 Jul 1633 Margaret Legate 1607 d.Aft. 1687.


John Younglove b. ABT 1640 d. 3 Jun 1690 m. Sarah Younglove b. 1640 d. 17 Jan 1708/9


Samuel Younglove b. 10 Feb 1675/6 d.AFT JUN 1743 m.28 Jul 1696 Abelene Hunter b. 1 Jan 1676/7 d.18 Oct 1716


Samuel Younglove b. 11 Nov 1697 d. JUN 1750 m. 13 Nov 1718 Abigail Smith b.8 May 1700 d. 20 Dec 1782


Jonathan Younglove b. 14 Feb 1731/32 d. 31 Aug 1781 m. 13 Jan 1755 Mary Hopkins


Jonathan Younglove b. ca 1766 d. 16 Nov 1812 m. 13 Jun 1794 Lydia Lynch

George Younglove I(7)

George Younglove I(7)  Jonathan II(6)  Jonathan I(5)
Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)

George Younglove I(7)
Born in Great Barrington, Berkshire County, MA Nov. 24, 1794. He is the son of Jonathan Younglove II and Lydia Lynch. It is know that he had brothers Henry and Robert. It is thought that there were other siblings but so far they are unknown. He is of the seventh generation descending from the emigrant, Samuel age 30 who came to this country with wife Margaret Legatt (Leggatt) age 28 and son Samuel who was 1 year old in 1635 on the ship Hopewell, embarking from the Port of London, England.

In 1814, George served in the Sea Coast Defense of MA and also was a private in Captain A. Jones Company, Lt. Col. S. K. Chamberlain's Regiment. The company was raised at Otis and vicinity and served at Boston from September 1 till the 30th, 1814.

George Younglove, I married Harriet Phelps in Massachusetts April 30, 1817 at the age of 23. They had 11 children. Timothy, Charlotte, Ambrose, George II, and twin sister Harriet, Lewis, Edward, Albert, Elizabeth, and Lucinda. All the children were born in Stockbridge except Lucinda who was the only child born in Monroe MI. Three children, Timothy, Ambrose and Harriet died in Stockbridge, MA prior to the family moving to MI.

George joined the Congregational Church of Stockbridge, Massachusetts with his wife on September 1, 1822.

In 1831 (some say 1835) family moved from Massachusetts to Monroe, MI. They lived in the town of Monroe and later bought a farm on North Custer Road near what is now the Doty Cemetery.

In 1841 he served as Associate Judge of Monroe County. This was an important job and raised his status in the ranks of society. Although he held numerous other public offices he was most well known for this one. In the same year he was elected Associated Judge he was also elected to the State Legislature. He defeated Judge D.S. Bacon (General George Custer's Father-in-law) by an overwhelming number, (600 votes.)

In letters wrote by George I to his cousin Rueben Lynch, he tells how wild and how much land was forest when he came here in 1831. According to land records the date of Aug. 27, 1831 states that George Younglove living in the town of Monroe, MI bought land for the sum of $600.00 from the Downing's. The date that the Younglove's left Massachusetts for Michigan is not proven, however according to the land registrar they were here in Aug. of 1831 and I am assuming that they left Massachusetts sometime before August 27, 1831, but have no proof. The story of their arrival in Monroe County is told as quite an adventure. They left Massachusetts in October of 1835 and headed for Albany NY by canal boat and spent a week on the boat getting to Buffalo NY. At night they camped along the waters edge. When they reached Buffalo they took passage on a steamboat and spent 4 days traveling to Detroit MI. They arrived in the afternoon and spent the night there. Early the next morning they left Detroit in a small boat, destined for Monroe, MI. They spent the day on Lake Erie, arriving in Monroe about sundown. They spent that night at the Sackett Hotel the original site of Dansard and Son's Savings Bank.

After the death of his wife Harriet, George Younglove I married a second time at the age of 55 to Mary Bently Philips of Monroe on the 28th day of October 1856. There were no children born to this union. He died of old age in 1876.

George Younglove b. 16 Nov 1794, Great Barrington, Berkshire Co., MA
(son of Jonathan Younglove and Lydia Lynch)
m. (1) 30 Apr 1817, in Great Barrington, Berkshire Co., MA
Harriet Phelps, b. 30 Jun 1797, Egremont, MA
(daughter of Zaccheus Phelps and Rebecca Race) d. 23 Jul 1855, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI
buried: Doty Cm. Raisinville Twp., Mo. Co., MI
m. (2) 2 Oct 1856, in Monroe Co., Monroe, MI
Mary Bently, b. abt 1808, Canada, d. 28 Nov 1889
buried: Doty Cm. Raisinville Twp., Mo. Co., MI.
George died 6 Sep 1876, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI
buried: Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI

Children of George Younglove and Harriet Phelps:


Timothy Younglove b. 3 Jul 1818, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA, d. 3 Jul 1818, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA.


Charlotte Younglove b. 11 Sep 1819, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA, m. 25 Dec 1839, George W. Clark. Charlotte died 1 Sep 1840, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: Doty Cm. Raisinville Twp., Monroe Co., MI.


Ambrose Younglove b. 26 May 1821, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA,d. 7 Jul 1821, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA.


George Wilbur Younglove b. 9 Apr 1822.


Harriet Younglove b. 9 Apr 1822, Stockbridge,Berkshire Co., MA, d.23 Jun 1822, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA.


Lewis Younglove b. 1 Aug 1823.


Edward Younglove b. 26 Feb 1825.


Henry Younglove b. 17 Dec 1826.


Albert Younglove b. 26 Oct 1828, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA, d. 13 Oct 1850, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: Doty Cm. Raisinville Twp., Monroe Co., MI.


Elizabeth Younglove b. 20 Dec 1830, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA, d.22 Aug 1850, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: Doty Cm. Raisinville Twp., Monroe Co., MI.


Lucinda Younglove b. 12 Jan 1840, Milan Township, Monroe Co., MI, m. (1)24 Jan 1866, in Henry Safford Rector Holy Trinity Church, Joseph Hurd, m.(2) 1875, William Preston. Lucinda died 9 Jan 1916, Saginaw, Saginaw Co., MI.

George Wilbur Younglove II(8)

George Wilbur Younglove II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)

George Wilbur Younglove II
Born in Stockbridge, Berkshire Co. MA on April 9, 1822. George was nine years old when his family came to Michigan removing from Stockbridge MA in 1831. He had a twin sister Harriet, who died in MA on Jun 23,1822. On February 13, 1848 he married 1st Gertrude Turner of Erie.

Much of Michigan was still wood covered when George II. settled on his farm in Monroe MI. The Government at that time would allow any man to go into the woods owned by the government let you cut down trees, split them into fence and enclose an area with rail fence four rails high before the supervisor made his rounds was entitled to that acreage without cost. George II was able to fence in forty acres before the supervisor came. Later he bought additional land to increase the size of the homestead on Doty Rd. in Monroe, Michigan.

He joined Monroe Lodge F and A. M. in 1865 and in 1870 became a Knight Templar.

His wife Gertrude died August 5, 1870. In October of 1871 he married 2nd to Lucia Cornelia Knaggs born in Raisinville Twp. Monroe, MI., the daughter of Johnson Knaggs and Sarah Louisa Woods.

George II was known to beget 22 children. He was a tall man, who grayed early in life. He always wore a handlebar mustache and walked with a cane. George II was a man of admirable character, highly respected not only in his own community, but also throughout the county. He took an active part in the township affairs and was repeatedly elected to township offices of which he filled with credit to himself and the township. Lucia Knaggs Younglove his second wife died in 1901 and George lived with his son Lee and wife Josephine at the family homestead where he died in 1909.

George Wilbur Younglove II
b. 9 Apr 1822, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA
m. (1) 13 Feb 1848, in Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, Gertrude Turner, b. 21 Jun 1829, Erie, MI
d. 5 Aug 1870, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI buried: King (Sackett) Cm. Monroe, MI
m. (2) 18 Oct 1871, in Monroe, MI By C. N. Matoon Minister, Lucia Cornelia Knaggs
b. 1 Jul 1841, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI, (daughter of Johnson Knaggs and Sarah Louise Woods)
d. 18 Feb 1901, Monroe Co., MI, buried: Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI.
George died 4 Apr 1909, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: King (Sackett) Cm. Monroe, MI.

Children of George W. Younglove and Gertrude Turner:


Clara Younglove b. Nov 1849.


Harriet Younglove b. 1851, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, d. 5 Sep 1855, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: King (Sackett) Cm. Monroe, MI.


George Younglove b. 1852, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, d. 1855, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: King (Sackett) Cm. Monroe, MI.


Frank Younglove b. 8 Dec 1853.


Addie Younglove b. 1855, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, d. 1858, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: King (Sackett) Cm. Monroe, MI.


Eliza Younglove b. 6 Apr 1857.


Nelson Younglove b. 24 Aug 1858.


Gertrude Younglove b. 1861, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, d. 1865, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: King (Sackett) Cm. Monroe, MI.


Charlotte Younglove b. 1863, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, m. 18 Sep 1883, in Milan, MI, Samuel Titus, b. abt 1855, Warren Co., PA. Charlotte died 20 Dec 1883, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: King (Sackett) Cm. Monroe, MI.


Hattie Younglove b. 6 Aug 1865.


Harry Younglove b. 13 MAR. 1867, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, m. Cecelia G. Younglove, b. 1876, IL, d. 22 May 1958, Alameda Co., Oakland, CA. Harry died 3 Dec 1954, Alameda Co., Oakland, CA.


Minnie Younglove b. 26 Apr 1868, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, m. 11 Oct 1893, in Maybee, MI By T.C. Jones Clergy, Robert Kerr, b. 14 Apr 1866, Monroe Co., MI, d. 26 Feb 1944, Milan, MI, buried: Milan MI Cm. Minnie died 6 Apr 1937, Milan, MI, buried: Marble Park Cm, Milan, MI.


Infant Younglove b. 1869, d. 1869, King (Sackett) Cm. Monroe, MI.


Gersham Younglove b. 1870, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, d. 7 Oct 1870, King (Sackett) Cm. Monroe, MI.

Children of George W. Younglove and Lucia Cornelia Knaggs:


Grace Younglove b. 1872.


Pearl Younglove b. June 1874, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, d. 24 Feb 1875.


Lee R. Younglove b. 21 Mar 1876.


Fred T. Younglove b. 31 Dec 1877.


Ned Younglove b. 31 Dec 1877, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI, m. 16 Feb 1915, in St. Joseph Church Ida, MI, Letta Gould, b. 22 Jun 1886, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY, d. 17 Oct 1975, Dundee, Monroe Co., MI, buried: St. Joseph Cm. Ida, MI. Ned died 13 Jan 1953, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI, buried: St. Joseph Cm. Ida, MI.


Bernadean Younglove b. Feb 1880.


Wilber K. Younglove b. Aug 1882.

Pictured above is George Younglove II(8) in the parlor at the family homestead.

George Younglove II(8) Homestead
on Doty Road, Monroe, MI.

From left to right: Josephine Weisbecker Younglove, Wife of Lee Younglove(9) Norman Younglove(10) Son of Lee and Josephine Weisbecker Younglove(9) Lee Younglove(9) Son of George Younglove II(8) A hired hand: George Younglove II(8).

Clara Younglove(9)

Clara Younglove(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathan I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)


Clara Younglove
b. Nov 1849, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI
m. 2 Jul 1871, in Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI, Marcus Leonard
b. abt 1846, LaSalle, Monroe Co., MI, buried: Saline Michigan Cm.
Clara died 19 Mar 1915, buried: Saline Michigan Cm.

Children of Clara Younglove and Maurice Leonard:


Maurice Leonard m. Nellie (?) Leonard.


Gertrude Leonard m. David Russell.

Children of Maurice and Nellie Leonard:


Bernice Leonard m. Mr. Love.

Front from left to right:
George II(8)  Baby Bernice Leonard(11)  Clara Younglove(9)
Back row: Son Maurice Leonard(10)

 This is a four generation picture.




Frank Younglove(9)

Frank Younglove(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)

Frank Younglove
Frank is the son of George II(8) and Gertrude Turner; He was born Dec 1853 and raised in Raisinville, Township, Monroe, Co., He grew up among the scenes of pioneer life and acquired the love of farming at an early age. He pursued his early education in the public schools of Monroe, MI. He struck out for himself at the age of eighteen by working on the farm. He was progressive, intelligent and a thrifty agriculturist. He first bought a farm of sixty-nine acres, one half mile north and two and half miles east of Onondaga and lived there for twenty-four years. In Nov of 1875 he married Nellie Augusta Laycock, who was born in Jackson, MI, Nov of 1857 and died April 1925 at the age of 67. Nellie was one of nine children born to Christopher and Martha (Stone) Laycock, of NY. Christopher Laycock was one of the early settlers of Jackson Co., MI, moving his family to Onondaga in 1855 where they settled on a farm. He resided there until his death in 1901. Frank and Nellie then moved to occupy the farm that was formerly owned by her father, Christopher Laycock. Frank and Nellie had two children George C. Younglove(10) who died when 3 months old and a daughter Fannie Chase Younglove(10). Frank was a member who took a great interest in the Masonic order at Onondaga No. 197. His wife and daughter also belonged to the Eastern Star of Leslie No. 155. Frank was a Democrat in his political convictions, however he was not an office seeker like his father and grandfather. His popularity among his fellow citizens won for him the office of Township Clerk for one term. He was highly esteemed among his friends and neighbors and his reputation for fair dealing and integrity was known throughout the country. After his retirement from farming and the death of his wife, he moved to St. Joseph Co., Three Rivers, MI were he died at the home of his daughter Fannie Younglove Haven, July 1933 at the age of 79.

Children of Frank Younglove and Nellie Laycock:


George Christopher Younglove b. 8 Jun 1884, d. Sep 1884, buried: 13 Sep 1884, Lane Cm. Onondaga Twp., Ingham Co. MI.


Fannie Chase b. 12 Feb 1886, MI, m. (1) Grover C. Decamp, b. ABT 1885, m. (2) Lloyd Haven, buried: Leslie, MI. Fannie buried: Leslie, MI.

Children of Fannie Younglove and Lloyd Haven:


Nellie Decamp m. Wilfred Hill.

Picture courtesy of Roger Younglove

Nelson Younglove(9)

Nelson Younglove with wife Ella Brightbill Younglove

Nelson Younglove(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)  Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)


Nelson Younglove
Nelson Younglove (9) son of George II and Gertrude Turner Younglove(8) was born 1858 Raisinville Township, Monroe Co. He followed in his father's footsteps and took to farming as a young lad; he received his education in the public schools of Monroe Co. He married 1st. Ella Bitting, July 1889. Ella was the daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth (Buck) Bitting of PA. Ella was first married to a Brightbill and had one child Daisy Brightbill. Nelson and Ella had children, Harry, Clara, and George. After the death of Ella in 1917, Nelson married a second time to Clara (Gibson) Tinsman in 1918. Clara, the daughter of Corydon and Elvira Gibson married 1st Seth P. Tinsman in 1880 and he died in 1911, she then married 2nd Nelson Younglove(9) in 1918. There were no children born to Nelson and Clara Younglove(9). Nelson, who was one of the pioneer residents of Milan, had a farm located just north of the Federal prison in Milan MI. He lived in Milan, MI, till his death in 1937. Clara died in 1958.

Picture courtesy of Roger Younglove

Hattie Younglove(9)

Laura Cauchie, Hattie Younglove(9), Julia Cauchie (standing)


Hattie Younglove(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)

Hattie Younglove
Hattie Younglove(9) is the daughter of George II(8)and Gertrude Turner. She was born 1860 in Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co., Monroe, MI. Hattie married Alexander Cauchie 20 Jul 1881 in Ida MI. They had two daughters Julie and Laura.

Picture courtesy of Roger Younglove

Grace Younglove(9)

Grace Younglove(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)


Grace Younglove(9)
Grace Younglove(9) was the daughter of George II and Lucia Cornelia Knaggs Younglove(8). She was born 1872 in Raisinville Township, Monroe, Co. MI. She was the first child born to George and Cornelia (Knaggs) Younglove. She died at the age of 53 March 1925. In June of 1891 she married William Bradford who was born abt 1869. William was the son of Cyrus and Laura (Mason) Bradford. Grace and William had one known child, William Bradford II. They were known to have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Picture courtesy of Linda Schwind

Lee Younglove(9)

Lee(9) with wife  Josephine Weisbecker Younglove

Lee Younglove(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)

Lee Younglove
Lee Younglove(9) was the first son born to George II and Lucia Cornelia Knaggs Younglove(8) in 1875. His father taught him farming at an early age. He received his education from the township schools and his mother who was a teacher instilled in him many fundamental basics.

In 1901 when Lee was 25 years of age his mother passed away, three years after her death Lee married Josephine Weisbecker born 1875 to be his wife. She was the daughter of Simon Weisbecker and Magdalem (Scheich). The young couple began housekeeping on the Younglove Homestead.

Lee and Josephine had a total of six children four boys and two girls. Norman, Hazel, Roy, Earl, Arnold, and Annabelle. Lee spent his entire life on The Younglove Homestead located on Doty Road in Raisinville Twp., Monroe Co., where he was born, and grew to manhood and where he raised his own family and helped in the care of his other brothers and sisters after the death of their mother. He took on the responsibilities of managing the farm when his father became feeble and unable to work. His father George II continued to live with him on the Doty Rd. homestead until his death in 1909 from dropsy at the age of 86. Lee was then 34 years old, he continued to run the farm, and raise his young family, which proved to be an overwhelming task as he was suffering from Bronchial Asthma. He succumbed to the illness in 1926 at the age of 50. After the death of Lee, wife Josephine, with the help of the children continued to run the farm. She died 14 years later at the age of 64.

Children of Lee(9) and Josephine Weisbecker Younglove

 From left to right:
Norman(10) Roy(10) Hazel(10)

Bernadeane Younglove(9)

Bernadeane Younglove(9) with husband  Robert Herkimer

Bernadeane Younglove(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)

Bernadeane Younglove(9)
Bernadeane(9) was the youngest daughter of George II and Lucia Cornelia Knaggs Younglove(8). Born in Raisinville Twp., Monroe, Co., in 1880. Just 5 months before the death of her mother she married in the family homestead on Doty Road, Sep 1900, at the age of 20, Robert Herkimer, son of J. Jay Herkimer. Robert and Bernadeane had five children two sons and three daughters, Wilbur, Russell, Vadah, Bessie and Revah. At the time of her husband's death they were living in Monroe, MI.

Wilbur Younglove(9)

Wilbur(9) with wife  Lulu Underwood Younglove

Wilber Younglove(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)

Wilber Younglove(9)
Wilber Younglove (9)born in 1882 in Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co., was the last child born to George II and Lucia Corneila Knaggs Younglove(8). He bought a farm on Monroe Rd in Britton, MI, where he farmed for many years until his health forced him to quit. He had the help of two son's Ralph and Perry, his daughter Thelma, who was a teacher, quit her job to take care of her father in those failing years. Wilber also was a Watkins Dealer for many years. He married in 1903 to Lulu Underwood daughter of George W. and Josephine (Craft) Underwood. Wilber died in 1950 at the age of 67,and Lulu died in 1971 at the age of 87



Norman Younglove(10)

Norman Younglove(10)  Lee(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)


Norman Younglove(10)
Norman S. Younglove(10) b. 7 Jan 1906, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI, m. 11 Nov 1926, in St. Joseph Catholic Church, Maybee, MI, Catherine M. b. 27 May 1904, Belfast, Ireland, d. 20 Apr 1996, Beach Nursing Home, Monroe, MI, buried: St. Patrick Cm. Carleton, MI. Norman died 18 May 1976, Mercy Memorial Hospital, Monroe, MI, buried: 21 May 1976, St. Patrick Cm. Carleton, MI. He was employed as a millwright by Consolidated Packing Company and retired in 1971. He was a member of St. Patrick's Catholic Church.
Children of Norman and Catherine Younglove:


Frank Younglove. b. 1926 d. 18 Aug 2006


Norman Younglove  b. 2 Jun 1927  d.24 May 2004


Sarah Younglove b. 4 Jul 1930. d. Jan 15, 1922


Mary K. Younglove  b 19 Dec 1932 d 19 Oct 2008


Joseph Lee Younglove b. 18 Jan 1941, d. 17 Jul 1941.


William Younglove (details excluded).


Elizabeth Younglove (details excluded).    

Hazel Younglove(10)

Hazel Younglove(10)  and Clem Hess Family
 First row:
Herbert, Clem, Hazel, Joseph.
Second row:
Mary Ann, Shirley, Rosella, and Dorothy.
Third row:
Loretta and Norma Lee.

 Hazel Younglove(10)  Lee(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)


Hazel Younglove(10)
Hazel Younglove(10)and her husband were life long Maybee, Michigan residence and both were active in St. Joseph's Catholic Church. She was also one of the founding members of the Maybee Senior Citizens and she and her husband were elected queen and king of the 1973 Maybee Centennial.

Hazel had this to say about Maybee, Michigan in 1975 when the couple was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. "A few more houses have been built and the farmers no longer crowd the streets on Saturday nights to shop and exchange eggs for other groceries. But for us it's a fine place to live. We had no inside plumbing or electricity in our first home. Improvements had begun, however. My family Lee and Josephine Younglove boarded the workmen who brought the electric lines from Grape into their Doty Rd home before I left. We called the service Grape Juice."

Hazel Younglove b. 5 Sep 1907, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI
m. 27 Oct 1925, in St. Joseph Catholic Church, Maybee, MI, Clem Hess, b. 25 OCT. 1904, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI, (son of Joseph A. Hess and Rose Ellen Steffes)
d. 6 Nov 1987, Maybee, Monroe Co., MI, buried: St. Joseph Cm. Maybee. MI.
Hazel died 26 Jun 1999, Beach Nursing Home, Monroe, MI.

Children of Clem and Hazel Hess:


Rosella Hess  b. 31 May 1927 d. 12 Nov 2010


Loretta Hess (details excluded).


Shirley Hess (details excluded), m. (1) Melvin Goodnough, b. 25 Nov 1948, d. 25 Oct 1980, m. (2) John Werstein, m. (3) August Siterlet, b. 31 Aug 1920, Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, d. 15 Sep 1989, Mercy Memorial Hospital, Monroe, MI, m. (4) Dean Saum. b. 25 Oct 1930  d. 2013


Mary Ann Hess (details excluded)


Joseph Hess (details excluded).


Norma Lee Hess (details excluded).


Herbert Hess (details excluded).


Dorothy Hess (details excluded).

Roy Younglove (10)

Roy Younglove(10) with wife Theresa Hess Younglove

Roy Younglove(10)  Lee(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2
)  Samuel(1)


Roy A. Younglove (10)
Roy A. Younglove b. 14 Mar 1909, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI
m. 6 May 1930, in St. Joseph Catholic Church, Maybee, MI, Theresa
b. 21 Oct 1909, Maybee, Monroe Co., MI, Theresa
d. 31 Jul 1995, Seaway Hospital, Trenton, MI, buried: Aug 4, 1995, MI Memorial Cm. Flat Rock, MI.
Roy died 12 Nov 1979, Seaway Hospital, Trenton, MI, buried: 16 Nov 1979, MI Memorial Cm. Flat Rock, MI.
Roy was employed at Detroit Edison Company Trenton Channel Trenton, MI as a crane operator.

Children of Roy and Theresa Hess Younglove
First row, from left to right
George, Robert
Second row:
Judy, Rosemary, Ruth
Third row:
Margaret, Ellen, Grace, Wayne


Children of Roy and Theresa Younglove:


George Roy Younglove (details excluded).


Margaret Mary Younglove b. 4 Nov 1932, Maybee, Monroe Co., MI, d. 26 Mar 1998, Mt. Carmel East Hospital, buried: Adrian Dominican Cm. Adrian, MI.


Robert Lee Younglove  b. 4 April 1935 d. 23 Mar 2008


Grace Marie Younglove (details excluded).


Rosemary Younglove (details excluded).


Wayne Joseph Younglove  b 15 Nov 1942 d.1 Aug 2005


Judy Ann Younglove (details excluded).


Ruth Ann Younglove (details excluded).


Ellen Rose Younglove (details excluded).

Earl Leo Younglove(10)

Earl Younglove(10) with wife Pauline Steinman Younglove

Earl Younglove(10)  Lee(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)

Earl Younglove(10)
Earl was an active Volunteer Fireman for the London Maybee, Raisinville Fire Department. He served as a village councilman for 12 years. For many years He served as a custodian engineer for St. Joseph Church in Maybee, MI. He worked for Monroe Auto Equipment Company for 20 years and retired in 1962. He also served for many years as sexton for the cemetery in Maybee, MI. On June 13, 1934 He married Pauline in St. Joseph Catholic Church in Maybee, MI.

Earl Younglove d. 31 Dec 2002.
m. Pauline d. 9 Sept 2002.

Children of Earl Younglove(10) and Pauline Steinman Younglove
Left to right: Jack, Tom and Margaret Younglove(11)

Children of Earl and Pauline Younglove:


Margaret Ann Younglove b. 27 Jan 1935  d.18 May 1977.


John Younglove (details excluded).


Thomas Earl Younglove


James Allen Younglove (details excluded).


Paul William Younglove (details excluded).


Jean Helen Younglove


Dale Edward Younglove

Picture courtesy of John Younglove.


Arnold Younglove(10)

Arnold Younglove (10) with wife Marie Poupard Younglove

Arnold Younglove(10)  Lee(9)  George II(8)  George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)
Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)  Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)

Arnold Younglove(10)
Arnold(10) and Marie Younglove were honored for their golden wedding anniversary in Oct 1987.

"Arnold Younglove, who turned 65 last week, has retired from the La-Z-Boy Chair Co. where he worked the last 32 years. Mr. Younglove or "Gabby" as he was called at the Monroe-based chair manufacturing facility worked as a logger in his earlier days with the company and also worked in the maintenance department, from which he retired. When he first started with La-Z-Boy in November 1947, the firm would purchase and entire woods and men would be assigned to remove trees and provide wood for chair parts. However, now the company buys lumber from various suppliers. Mr. Younglove, who up until five years ago farmed a 60-acre plot on Stewart Rd., is married and his wife's name is Marie. The couple has 9 children and 13 grandchildren. The family home is at 5129 Steward Rd. Three of the couple's children David, Edith and Annette are also La-Z-Boy employees."

Ref: Monroe Evening News: 12 Sep 1979.
Copied as written.

Arnold L. Younglove (details excluded)
m. Marie Emma, b. 9 Dec 1917, Monroe Co., Monroe, MI
d. 27 Jan 1993, Mercy Memorial Hospital, Monroe, MI, buried: 30 Jan 1991, Zion Lutheran Cm. Monroe, MI.

Children of Arnold Younglove(10) and Marie Poupard Younglove 
Front row: Barbara, Marie, Annette, Nancy
Middle row: Hazel, Arnold, Lee, Edith
Back row: David, Janice, Edward


Children of Arnold and Marie Younglove:


Caroline Josephine Younglove b. 17 Jun 1938, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI, d. 18 Jun 1938, Raisinville Twp. Monroe Co. Monroe, MI, buried: Zion Lutheran.


Janice Lee Younglove (details excluded).


Barbara Ann Younglove (details excluded).


Lee Arnold Younglove (details excluded).


David Lester Younglove (details excluded).


Edward Lewis Younglove (details excluded).


Hazel Anne Younglove (details excluded).


Edith Marie Younglove (details excluded), m. Richard Plumb.


Nancy Sue Younglove (details excluded).


Annette Marie Younglove  b. 13 April 1960 d. 9 December 2012

Annabel Younglove(10)

Annabel Younglove(10)  Lee(9)  George II(8)
George I(7)  Jonathon II(6)  Jonathon I(5)  Samuel II(4)
Samuel I(3)  Rev. John(2)  Samuel(1)


Annabel Younglove(10)
Annabel Younglove(10) b. 27 Mar 1918 d. 18 Dec 2004
m. Rudolph Boznak,  b. 15 Apr 1902 d. 24 May 1973

Children of Annabel Younglove and Rudolph Boznak:


Charles Boznak (details excluded).


Rudolph Boznak m. Jeannie Boznak.

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