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Tidbits of Younglove History

The Younglove Good Enough Blacksmith Shoppe

Over the years (46 now) I have been fascinated with items on the Younglove Family. Some that I have collected are detailed stories... some are just a glimpse... some are photographs... some are documented... some are not... this is presented with no rhyme or reason.

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C. A. Younglove, Horseshoer circa 1901:
This is a 16x20 photo of Mr. Younglove (and someone else) standing in front of his shop in San Luis Obispo CA. The photo is mounted at the San Luis Obispo Co. library in San Luis Obispo CA. The C. A. Younglove Blacksmith Shop was located on Broad Street between Higuera and Marsh streets. He was known for his expert work and "right prices" and his ease for handling the most vicious horses and having the latest appliances.

The photo was taken the day San Luis Obispo was mourning the assassination of President McKinley. The mourning cloth banner is over the door of the shop and if you look real close you can see a picture of President McKinley over the door.

The city was deeply saddened by this event, as President McKinley had, only the previous spring been the first President to visit and speak here on May 9,1901.

McKinley was greeted at the southern Pacific Station and escorted in a flower-decked carriage with four white horses to the Ramona hotel where Mayor Shipsey gave and address of welcome. The President spoke briefly from the hotel balcony and then continued on his trip to San Francisco.

When he was shot and later died on September 14,1901 the city observed the tragedy by holding elaborate memorial services.

C. A. Younglove was a Republican and in 1902 failed by only a few votes, to get the nomination for County Sheriff when his friends put his name up at the convention. Years later in 1911, C. A. Younglove became the Sheriff of San Louis Obispo Co., CA.

The following is taken from a book.
Author: Prof. J.M. Guinn A.M.
Published by: The Chapman
Publishing Co. Chicago. 1903

The text reads:


The foremost horseshoer of San Luis Obispo spent the years of his youth and early manhood in the state of Wisconsin, where he was born March 18, 1862. His father, George Younglove, who was born in New York state and was a millwright by trade, came to California in 1894. Up to the time of his death, in 1899, at the age of 73 years, he enjoyed the leisure earned by years of patient application to the business. In his young manhood he married Caroline Hale, also born in New York, and a daughter of a New York farmer and blacksmith. Mrs. Younglove died in Wisconsin, leaving 3 sons and 3 daughters, all of whom are grown, C.A. being the youngest.

After completing such eduation in the public schools as his leisure permitted, C.A. Younglove learned the horseshoeing trade, and practiced the same in Wisconsin for a few years. Not satisfied with the prospects for permanent residence and business in his native state, and having heard glowing accounts of the changes beyond the Rockies, he came to California in 1885, and has since been devoted to his trade. He became associated with San Luis Obispo in 1888, and at the present time his shop constitutes about the busiest place in the town. Success has attended efforts, and he is a property owner to the extent of having purchased his pleasant home, besides other town property.

While living in Wisconsin Mr. Younglove was united in marriage with Mary Warren, who was born in New York, a daughter of Dr. Warren, who practiced medicine in Wisconsin for the greater part of his professional life. Mr. Younglove is a Republican in politics, and his activity in the interests of his party is worth of practical appreciation and support. At one time he was a candidate for sheriff before the Republican convention and lacked only a few votes of receiving the nomination. Fraternally he is associated with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, and the Foresters of America. Mr. Younglove is one of the enterprising and liberallyHal Kaysen -minded men of the town and richly deserves his past and present success."

Note: I was able to obtain a copy of this picture through Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness, Mr. Harold Kaysen, who is a volunteer traveled to the library in San Luis Obispo CA and with the help of his wife and the librarian was able to take a picture of the picture and send it to me. Again, Thank you Mr. Harold Kaysen.