Younglove Genealogy 
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Younglove Name Attractive, But...

A letter from Louise Younglove dated 29 June 1985.
"I am Louise Younglove by way of my husband Clark Vernon Younglove who was born in Illinois in 1905. His mother, originally Dora Clark, died in Mt. Sterling, Ill. about twenty years ago at 88. Some of her relatives still reside there. She sent me a genealogical outline of her family (Clark) including covered wagon travel to the Midwest but I returned it. Our only child, Julian Christopher Younglove would not know what it was, he is a victim of Down's Syndrome. I have a family crest I take no pride in; the individual counts with me. Clark told me his father was of Welsh extraction, but he is not famous for his veracity as unfortunate alcoholics are not. (Can you take the warts too?) Never the less possibly in the years since our separation he may have overcome the disease and his enormous propensity for invention. The last address I have for him is: 3911 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa., 19104. He may respond with more substantial information than I have to give you. Good luck.

PS. The name was much more attractive than the marriage.

Louise Younglove"

Don't you just love this?! -Grace

In 1985 she was living in Philadelphia, PA. She died 15 Jan 2001; Vernon died in 1986; Julian died 1998. 

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