Younglove Genealogy 
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Edward Leroy Younglove

Edward Leroy Younglove
Born: 08-29-1930 Raymond, WA
Died: 07-16-2002 Mt. Pleasant, SC

Official Active Service Dates:
February 5, 1948 to June 6, 1967
Service (vessels and stations served on):
U.S. Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA
U.S. Naval Receiving Station, San Diego, CA
USS Maury (AGS-16)
U.S. Receiving Station, Brooklyn, NY
Florida Group LANTRESFLT, Green Cove Springs, FL
USS Donner (LSD-20)
MINRON 10, Charleston, SC
USS Capricornus
USS Oglethorpe (AKA-100)
USS Affray (MSO-511)
U.S. Navy Mine Defense Laboratory, Panama City, FL
Navy Fleet Reserve Service
Dates:June 6, 1967 to December 1, 1977
Charleston Naval Shipyard:

Worked as a Marine Machinist till health issues forced early retirement around 1987.

Source: Edward LeRoy Younglove, Jr.
Date: July 29 2004
Subject: Edward LeRoy Younglove, Sr.

Taken from e-mail correspondence with Eddie Younglove Jr. I think he tells the story best so will leave it in his words.

Dad enlisted into the navy at 17. He had to get his fathers signature to do so at that age. He always wanted to be a cook, but ultimately ended up enlisting as a Fireman Apprentice and then migrated into the engine rooms as Engineman. It would be there he would find his niche. There is a photo (somewhere), that show dad ready to jump ship in rough seas. They were off the coast of Spain when the minesweeper lost power and started drifting toward the rocks. The townspeople even came to the seawall to be there for rescue, just in case. Fortunately, he didn't have to jump, and all ended well.
Dad was primarily stationed on minesweepers and was a great mechanically inclined problem-solver. He literally could fix anything. When he retired from active duty, he worked on helicopter engines and then went to work civil service at the shipyard. There he worked on submarines and ships. He could listen to an automobile engine, and tell you what was wrong with it... and he would always be right on target. He also would always be working on somebody's car, and he would never take a penny for fixing it.

Edward is the sailor on the right.
He has his hands behind his back.

He had several strokes beginning with the first one in 1987 that forced his retirement. He went through rehabilitation, and was quite self sufficient until mom passed on February 1, 2000. Dad was given a full military funeral. Dad admitted he had lost his best friend, and was never the same man. Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer September 1999, and passed away 5 months later. July 1, 2000, mom and dad would have been married 50 years. The picture is Mary E. and Edward Younglove taken in 1949 in Central Park NY before their marriage in 1950.

- Edward LeRoy Younglove Jr.